Over the course of the years ELEOS has grown into a diverse charity, which serves and assists the community of Pretoria West in a unique, personal and loving manner.

Early Childhood Development

Our Early Childhood Development program provides mothers and caregivers of young children the opportunity to enhance their child’s development through play and stimulating learning activities.

We have weekly “Pienkvoet-Pret” classes and mothers are guided in their pregnancies and in the care of their newborn babies.

We also educate on topics such as breastfeeding, hygiene, healthy feeding for their babies, family planning and birth control.

Developmental Therapy

This therapy is often life changing!

We evaluate all our children attending our projects to check that their physical and mental abilities are age appropriate.

When a problem is identified, we work with the child and the parent on a weekly basis.

Booysens Beertjies Pre-school

We support Booysens Beertjies Play School, taking care of our toddlers from ages 3 -5 years.

This facility helps working mothers during the day and also supplies one healthy meal a day to all little students.

After – School Care

Eleos provides 3 therapy-based after-school care facilities for children from two different primary schools and one for high school pupils.

The children are provided with lunch, a safe homely environment and support with school projects and subject difficulties.

Kids Camps

We have two therapeutic camps a year. Children from the Eleos primary after-school care programs, facing similar challenges and problems in their everyday lives, are invited to attend the camps. We also strive to address any trauma these kids have, or may have faced.

giGgles Group

Girls in God: growing, loving, eating, sharing.

The giGgles group are a group of young women/mothers that are presented with life skills training to enable them to cope with the stress and challenges of their difficult situations.

Agapé Group

This is a support group for older women in the community in a loving and caring atmosphere.

Most of these women are elderly and alone and the group provide them with a circle of friends who care for and support one another. These ladies are mostly unable to find employment due to their age or even disability.

Man Alive Group

This is a group, attended by men who often live on the street or are in difficult financial circumstances.

These men are being provided with a meal and the opportunity of spiritual guidance and support.

The group members are encouraged to see the social worker assigned to the project on a regular basis to improve their circumstances and to assist them in their search for jobs by providing them with a professional curriculum vitae and assistance in applying for applicable jobs.


120 Meals are prepared and served daily.

These meals are served to all the children in our after school care programs and our regular groups. This is often the only food the children will receive in a day.

Bursary fund

Clients or students who qualify for specific courses are assisted in their application to the different tertiary institutions.

We work with numerous organisations such as Sol-Tech, F&O and Aros to assist with further education and skills development. We arrange bursaries through private individuals as well as companies such as Helpende Hand and Atterbury Trust.


In these challenging situations that many of our clients find themselves, we have two social workers, two councillors and two therapists that can help and assist in a professional manner.

One-on-one counselling is provided.


Many of our job seekers do not have access to the internet or printing facilities.

We assist in creating a professional curriculum vitae and link them to the relevant institution, who can assist them in finding a job.
People who need a driver’s license or and ID document to apply for a job, can be assisted financially.

We also assist with the first job interview by supplying clothes, bathing facilities or transport where needed.

Birthday Project

Individuals from our GIGGLES and Agapé groups are surprised on their birthday with a birthday cake and household items which they need.
For some of these ladies, this is the only form of celebration they will have, to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Koekie – kombuis

The Eleos Cookie Project was started to provide ladies with a job opportunity.

These biscuits are delicious, handmade and very affordable.
Orders can be placed at koekies@eleos.co.za

Peak Pals

This project is now running for it’s thirteenth year and is one of our great success stories. Ladies from the community were taught to make the peaks. The peaks are sold at markets and leading golf shops countrywide. Over the years it has developed into an independent running project. You can order a specific colour or brand.

For enquiries or orders contact Riana Karemaker on 082 772 5533

Ons personeel.

Henda is ons nuwe, waarnemende maatskaplike werker. Sy het ‘n passie vir ons projekte en ‘n ware aanwins vir die ELEOS – span.

Baie geluk MARNé met die geboorte van jul eersteling, Liané.
Mag sy vir julle net vreugde en liefde besorg.


A heartfelt thank you to the staff and management of MEDKIN Mediclinic, Cure Day hospitals and Dr. van Bergen and his team who offered their services to help 3 of our children with tonsillectomies.

Our Market Street house is looking great!

Thank you to all our loyal donors and supporters, who made it possible for us to close the “stoep” and create a much needed office for our social worker.

Moenie hierdie geleentheid misloop nie.


What is MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet?

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card raises funds for ELEOS every time you shop at partner stores. Partners, like Woolworths or Engen, make a contribution, on behalf of YOU toward ELEOS.

The system allows cardholders to make a difference without costing you a cent!

How does MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet work?
More than 1.2 million South Africans carry MySchool cards – it’s easy!

Apply for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card through the Get a Card button above and select ELEOS as a beneficiary. When you purchase items from participating retailers, swipe your card with each purchase and a percentage of your transaction will be donated to ELEOS. A statement of your transactions will be sent to you on a monthly basis. The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card is not a credit or debit card.

If you already have a card, you can add ELEOS as your beneficiary.

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